Would You Sign a Pre-nup?

How many of you signed a pre-nuptial agreement before you got married? Probably most of you didn’t… I know that I did not, like most people polled for the survey that I wrote about today in the article Pre-Nuptial Agreements Growing in Popularity, I thought it was too unromantic for a couple in love to consider what would happen if they separate.

While that seems idealistic, after writing on social issues for the past four years and coming across some of the worst divorce stories ever, I believe that this practice should be encouraged and even made compulsory. Of course most young couples do not have any assets when they get married, they have not had time in life to accumulate these but after years of sharing a life it is important, if separation is necessary, to be able to do so amicably and with the least hurt possible.

In Israel the issue is particularly acute because of the strict Jewish laws, which invariably leave some women “chained” to their husband for many years or unable to remarry. In the worst case scenarios they must forfeit their rights to their children, which amounts to nothing more than blackmail.

All I can say is good luck ICAR on your campaign to educate the Israeli public on this practice….. And maybe I will get to write less spine chilling stories of marriages gone wrong. Fingers crossed.


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